Workshops and Teaching

_DSC7542Engaging the body in community and cultural dialogue creates a unique way of problem solving, learning or creating change.

In my role as teacher or workshop facilitator I have used my skillset to assist participants to increase their skills in a safe and interactive way.

Workshops I have been commissioned to facilitate have addressed topics such as:

  • community engagement
  • teamwork and communication skills
  • teaching community development facilitation skills
  • teaching Theatre of the Oppressed methodology
  • Applying creative expression to explore cultural development.
  • mentoring and peer education
  • sexual health and cultural awareness

The types of groups I have worked with have ranged from:

  • Government organisations
  • NGOs
  • Community groups
  • Youth & student groups
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse groups
  • People with disabilities
  • Creative communities




Soma was a workshop held in the Kimberley where participants developed skills in creative engagement, using arts for social change and finding innovative ways to engage their communities.

This 4 day training was held at Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Service and included an international Artist from Greece as guest teacher.